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A   B   O   U   T      T   H   E      D   E   S   I   G   N   E   R

Hi, my name is Anthony Thomas.  I’m the creative designer and entrepreneur behind Dascenzo Design.  I call the third coast home and reside in Houston, Texas.  After graduating from U of H College of Architecture, I worked in the architectural industry for over 15 years.  However, I’ve left the proverbial 9 to 5 scene to pursue my passion for design and people.  My background in leadership, visual design, graphic communication, and problem solving fuel my mindful approach to my work.  As a recovering architect, I’m now able to revisit the reasons I went into design in the first place.  My goal is to bring exceptional design accompanied by great energy to enhance one’s space and bring  joy to the people I work with.  So, what are your ideas?  Let’s create something great together!


About my furniture

I pull inspiration from the mid-century-modern period and mix it with today’s contemporary design.  I’d like to think of my furniture as functional art.  My intent is that my pieces provide a modern compliment to a space while adding a vintage style.  So, make yourself an old fashioned, sit back in your Eames chair and enjoy!

About my art

My art is a reflection of my own architectural design style.  Elements of different materials align, layer, penetrate, and juxtapose one another to express a modern composition.  The use of order, rhythm, and relationship to define a tectonic language can be found in my work.  I celebrate the mechanical connection to accentuate the process of constructability.  My intent is to capture the rawest form of architecture through artistic freedom.


Please follow me on Instagram to stay up to date on all my latest work.  You never know what may inspire you!  

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